vol 40.


hi hi hi.

sending this a day late because my big thurs plans got sidelined by wacky adventures in picking up craigslist furniture (1001 thank you’s, high fives, and free flowing red wine to rav4 owner & personal lifesavor alex) and also because idk guyz i’m not always 15min early and waiting for you at the bar. sometimes i have to send a running late sry text too. ugh but, like, only sometimes. oy. pray for marsh. aaaaanyway, here’s some nice sexy weekend things to think about:

1.  i wanna go to a car wash with u and blast alaska right before we shift into neutral. cool?
2.  speaking of real chill music to do real chill things to, mad props to raquets by indian wells.
3.  did y’all know that the oldest drag queen performer lives and slays in portland? boooom.
4.  today in taco truck news … let’s call it a day & get our butts over to tight tacos & tehuana.
5.  solae’s lounge & no fun bar are giving me the most feels from ww’s 2016 bars of the year.
6.  ooooshit kanye west’s pablo pop up shop is coming to portland this weekend. ye or yay?
7.  g-scouts r rolling out 2 different s’mores cookies w/ the same name. you’ve. been. warned.
8.  i think bon iver is happy b/c this is so beautiful, but not in a cry in the bathroom sorta way.
9.  “you know what? … whatever it is, you now have permission to do it.” – carl says go for it.
10.  david intro’d me to kishi bashi so i dedicate the thurs 10.20 wonder b-room show to him.
11.  beloved supper club mae is launching 4 course appalachian sun brunch on 9.4. sa-woon!
12.  stoked for what the mercury calls “the last true portland tradition that hasn’t been ruined.”
13.  o-yay it’s gonna be 91,000 damn° sat / sun so maybe open a window & shibori some shit?
14.  wut? u hate crafts? more like arts n’ farts n’ crafts? fine dude. irvington yard sale n’ chill.
15.  “it’s partly true, too, but it isn’t all true. people always think something’s all true.” – j.d. salinger

love & shifting into neutral.