vol 38.

hey babes,

this week has been mostly me thinking, talking, fretting, stressing (but definitely not crying … nope … didn’t do that … didn’t … meh whatever fuck who cares) about moving to the eastside at the end of the month so it was so nice to just, like, not do that today. basically, this list is as much for you as it is for me. thank you. thank you. thank you.

1.  katiemike made a super rad touchy light field at pickathon! i wanna touchy it so much!
2.  used to think @weratedogs was everything, but then shannon sent me @dogsinhs. mmm.
3.  gah maayan’s suits are aaalmost perfect. just gotta fix that name. babes in bathers? no thx.
4.  måurice‘s kristen murray is just as beautiful art teacher as i imagined she’d be. great rec 2.
5.  anyone know why likewise’s fernet cocktail requires a min of 2 ppl to order? i’m intrigued …
6.  w/o further ado, here is a tiny bed for your sponge and an avocado rest for your spoon.
7.  wait wait wait an organized screening of the craft at hollywood theater before halloween?!
8.  3rd annual dog days of summer weiner / pug race = sat 8.27 at river pig. we’re not worthy!
9.  speaking of impossibly adorable things i can’t stop looking at, this here video right herrrrre.
10.  listening to this + devendra’s cover and dreaming of a white apt filled with plants and light.
11.  can we talk about chip readers for a sec? i thought i was the only one feeling these feels.
12.  i know > 1 person who will be v. excited to hear about the adult swim drive-in on sat 9.17.
13.  bad day? just remember that time obama lost it when he saw a baby dressed as the pope.
14.  can u let local natives know i’d reeeeeeally appreciate them playing the hits on mon 9.19?
15.  “take me to your trees. take me to your breakfasts, your sunsets, your bad dreams, your shoes, your nouns. take me to your fingers.” – margaret atwood

love and no longer being in hs.