vol 37.

yo yo yo!

this week was … just. plain. lovely. not sure there’s anything left for me to say on the matter so here’s a bunch of random nice ppl who have a bunch of random nice things to say on a bunch of random nice matters. enjoy!

1.  i dedicate all 6 of these sunscreens to the babely domme, full sun long walk extraordinaire.
2.  high 5 analysa for the scoop on the renegade craft fair this wknd. and you get a boob mug!
3.  speaking of renegade crafts … girl keven just got the custom live edge table of my dreamz.
4.  can anyone vouch for lovetrue? oh, you know. the most ambitious documentary of 2016!
5.  man, if u would have told me 8 yrs ago i’d be v. into a band called telepathic teddy bear
6.  i’m moving to overlook in sept (fuck fuck fuck moving fuck) so i’ll prob be here / here uhhlot.
7.  everybody wish ghengis, best portland bar dog, a happy b-day! dogfriend, u r more than ok.
8.  no greater visual pleasure than an artfully executed balloon installation. c’est magnifique!
9.  “you can’t be drinking a beautiful tequila & eating tacos & be in a bad mood.” – nate tilden
10.  let’s just say if you invited christina or miss renee to my [surprise] b-day, i wouldn’t mind.
11.  ummm everyone’s aware boyz ii men will be at the portland symphony on tue 9.13, riiight?
12.  ok. tara’s figure skating show has to be good because i neeed / waaant this in my life rn.
13.  tomorrow’s gonna be hot as bawls, so excuse me while i daydream about real cool pools.
14.  toro bravo’s parking lot paella party is wed 8.17 so, like, gcal that shit with notifications.
15.  “anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.” – truman capote

love n’ random niceness.