vol 36.


here’s the thing … it’s too damn nice out to do anything but get straight to the point (and on to enjoying this crazy beautiful day). yea? yea. ok then. let’s do this:

1.  imo michelle is the true leader of the free world. would be a helluva vp nom, hil. just sayin’.
2.  ooOoo bamboo sushi annex is open! those signature bowls look p. bomb (and hella $$$).
3.  ♥︎-ing jessi’s book (reading b/f bed per hh’s fab life rec). v. excited she’s at powell’s fri 7.22.
4.  weed + a shit ton of rosé not your thing? here’s an alt vehicle for relaxation. only $17,000!
5.  this video is preeetty weird, but now the song’s stuck in my head so i guess i live here now?
6.  yea ok fine fast co we’re kinda sorta totally really super jealous, but like … it’s still etsy tho.
7.  all the murals in portland still feel like they were only finished a few hrs before i found them.
8.  eaterrr. i needed this creative veggie / vegan dishes map, like, yesterday. eesh. i mean thx!
9.  these forest creature candids are great, but wassup squirrel is obvs his best work. duhdoi.
10.  what to do w/ this lighthouse or … it’s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine).
11.  bit by a domestic travel bug like woah. something tells me san antonio is the way to go.
12.  apparently, even tho i’ve never seen an episode, i reeally like west wing fanatics. go figure.
13.  things that pair well together: song exploder and perusing kindah’s tank and other bits.
14.  i’m sry did you say burlesque tribute to beyoncé this sat 7.23 at disjecta? count. me. in.
15.  “i don’t exactly know what i mean by that, but i mean it.” – j.d. salinger

get it. get out there.