vol 24.

well well well. we f*cking did it. another thurs bites the dust. onto the next boiiiiiiis. tomorrow i’m hitting the road for an early mexican birthday with joanna and elana. plz do me a solid and spend all next week doing you, keeping it real, treating yourself, going for it, raising the stakes, and giving everybody hellllllllll. until then, some list ♥ for my list lovelies:

1.  packy the elephant turned 54 today so obvs pdx zoo keepers made him a cake. hbd packy!
2.  this best neighborhood bar poll is decently comprehensive if you click through each ‘hood.
3.  godbless adventure iphone cases. ain’t nobody got time for half-assed flare. k, otterbox?
4.  wanted: someone to treat me like the most sublime creature on earth. are you my lobster?
5.  a+ four tet remix of sia’s “chandelier” c/o never not got her finger on the pulse sarah brin.
6.  why does the 1960s architecture collective superstudio feel oddly familiar? cuties to boot.
7.  not to overhype, but thurs 4.21 at han oak is gonna be the most killer french foodie day ever.
8.  pretty much amazing is living up to its namesake with a v. helpful fav albums of 2016 page.
9.  if you are not doing everything to attend the bloody mary block party on sun 5.1, then idk.
10.  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii just wanna fly. put your arms around me baby. put your arms around me baby.
11.  insiders + outsiders agree, if there’s one new bar to try this weekend, it’s americano in se.
12.  an internet date got me on this bone thugs fleetwood remix so, like, chivalry isn’t dead?
13.  re-watched the sliding doors trailer and shit guys they don’t make ’em like they used to.
14.  “if you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you and you’ll never learn.” – ray bradbury

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