vol 16.

this week i realized i check weather.com and talk about the weather uhhhhhlot more than i used to. thinking i might need to slow my roll because one time i saw consecutive days of 0% rain and started yelling “check the ten day! check the ten day!” at, literally, everyone. yep. time to switch gears:

1.  hold up. bette is on instagram and starring in the marc jacobs s/s ’16 campaign? jes!
2.  def enter wildfang’s win a baller wknd in pdx contest before 2.13. big no brainer. big. huge.
3.  finally, a pdx pop-up restaurant guide. just living my best secret late-night milkshake lyfe.
4.  years from now, when i have to explain hipster millennial culture, i’ll just show this. holy moly.
5.  the pdx light festival is glowin’ up the e. waterfront now thru sat 2.6. *nods approvingly*
6.  lake street dive is playing crystal ballroom on wed 3.2. go see rachael irl. whattavoice!
7.  ♥ ♥ ♥ various key tags. i daydream about custom ones i wanna give/get almost daily. sigh.
8.  i don’t get how maven collective is so fairly priced. magic? trust fund? magic trust fund?
9.  just making sure y’all know about the dirty charlie at cup & bar. yes? ok. good. wonderful.
10.  fun fact = boiling ping pong balls makes the dent pop out. thank scrap pdx for the fyiiiiiiiii.
11.  can’t find your fav booze b/c of state liquor bs? pro tip: use drink up ny or hi-time wine.
12.  “nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” – mary shelley