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what a delightful little regular length week (that constantly felt like a jammed up short week) we just had ourselves here. despite the time warp … the good vibes, w2’s, goodbye emails, curious smells, and free kind bars were all a flowin’ and we made it through. until next time, here’s a list of misc good things to close out your thursday (not friday):

1.  got bit by the dance bug on sat so now i wanna be a video vixen drop cap when i grow up.
2.  besaw’s finally re-opened, but i’m way more interested in solo club, their bar next door.
3.  riri’s album came out today. it’s not on spotify (ugh), but it’s free on tidal for a ltd time.
4.  passport lost / expiring this year? do yourself a solid and renew asap. avoid the surge, yo.
5.  this wknd is the hand eye supply sample sale. wait. hold on. portland has sample sales?!
6.  per music snobs everywhere, julia holter’s 2.2 show at holocene is a must see. no fomo.
7.  pardon the listicle interruption for a brief message from our thurs list corporate sponsor.
8.  salt & straw’s dairy queen-esque soft serve joint opens in pine st market on 4.1. hellyes.
9.  i didn’t know 2016 was year of the monkey. will repent at mochitsuki 2016 on sun 1.31.
10.  world’s greatest cat painting arrives at the portland art museum on fri 1.29. fyi cat ppl. fyi.
11.  siggi’s yogurt is on sale for $1 at the pearl whole foods through tue 2.2. don’t tell yoplait.
12.  “enjoy it. because it’s happening.” – stephen chbosky