vol 8.

the hiiiiiiiiills [of the atrium] are alive with the sooooooooound of [ambient ocean] music and in case you can’t remember where you parked your getaway canoe, here’s a grab bag of internet quaaludes to get you through:

1.  pacific coast storm watching and a 7 course breakfast? you had me at 7 course breakfast.
2.  jonesing for primecut’s salt + pepper hobo bag (spotted at the cleaners on black friday).
3.  i don’t think i’ve ever seen a vintage store do a look book before. damn, yo vintage. get it.
4.  obsessed with the jackets in this video + the part at 0:50 when everyone goes f-ing nuts.
5.  ’tis the season for state-wide truffle fests, apparently. so weird it might just work. to eugene!
6.  i wanted to hate this ’13 huffpo dating article, but then the 1st point became my north star.
7.  guyzzzz are these really the best holiday baked goods in all of portland? pdx n00b here.
8.  those are some sweet polaroids, casting director bonnie timmermann. great name too, girl.
9.  my excitement to see if pizza jerk lives up to its hype has become unmanageable. halp.
10.  ooo the portland mercury sex survey results are in! it’s a lot of copy for an internet thing, but full of lolz like “20% of you like to be submissive, which is why there are so many cars in portland, sitting at four-way stops, just waving other cars through.”