vol 7.

this week has been brought to you by pie (oh my gawd so much pie), lol worthy karaoke, totally unreasonable 5pm downpours, meetings about meetings about meetings, and feeling all the feels. tldr could use a nice little list right now. oh yea? you too? ok whew:

1.  can someone make sure the new pip’s donut + chai truck will be at the holiday party? thx.
2.  hold all my calls. need to spend the rest of today perusing 30 years of janet jackson style.
3.  fyi to all da queens living in nw alphabet – boxer ramen is coming to kearny & nw 23rd.
4.  everything will be ok, but maybe watch drunk ppl being surprised by puppies just in case.
5.  i finally found a highly recommended improv show and it’s fri 11.20 at the siren theater. wee!
6.  super filtered and saturated picture of me from earlier this week. le sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
7.  this photo of burt reynolds and sally field mostly re: sally’s a+ shoe situation. that heel!
8.  there is an egg nog competition on sun 12.13. i repeat. there is an egg nog competition …
9.  omg former san antonio brewery turned shmancy hotel. how are you so beautiful? how?
10.  “even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” – victor hugo