vol 6.

holy fast ass week batman. i don’t know about you, but things feel crazier than usual right now, like major important sh*t is only a few wrong turns from going completely off the rails. when it gets like this i like to turn up the tunez to 11 and make a quick list of some nice, cool things to share with some nice, cool girls. cheers to the latter + the freakin’ weekend (ugh ♥ those booty shorts):

1.  y’all saw our very own grace rivera is one of pdx monthly’s fav instagrammers, riiiiiight?
2.  idk about you, but this thanksgiving i’m gettin’ on team dangly leaf + mini rosemary wreath.
3.  i randomly received a bits and pieces catalog and the goods are giving me major lolz.
4.  y’all think we can get a set of these balloons for the office? yea? yea? maybe? thx.
5.  here’s a 4th grader reminding us that no matter what anyone says, girl code is unbreakable.
6.  nomad expanded their hrs + added staff. thank gawd. $$$ 15 course mealz 4 everybody!
7.  this fashion takeover at the ace on sat 11.14 looks super rad. i’m goin. can’t stop me.
8.  for abs no reason, i’m really loving this pic of leo drinking a pyrex of milk. bless the internet.
9.  i wanna try big egg so bad. anyone been? worth it? pls say yes pls say yes pls say yes.
10.  witchoria is one of my favorite tumblr time wasters (a cosmic coffee would be vvv nice rn).