vol 5.

well this has been a fun little week, hasn’t it? if my senses/sources are correct, there’s been loads of autumnal realness and chill goodness reverberating ’round these parts (note: if you haven’t felt this way, plz stop by my desk for to-go vibes). alrighty then, let’s kick this week’s list into high gear:

1.  well whaddya know? hump 2015 is finally here. gotta get up to get down!
2.  this trove of 70s street style is bringing both the noise and the funk (see above).
3.  oooo cyril hahn is playing at holocene on sat nov 7! who dat? def start with open.
4.  the mothership is hit, i repeat, the mothership is hit. omg chill omg chill omg chill.
5.  if i wasn’t getting outta dodge this wknd, i’d hit folk’s furniture pop-up. prob $$$$ tho.
6.  here’s a round up of pdx’s best hot cocoa. need confirmation if this is legit, like, asap.
7.  i’m currently lovingggg everything at schoolhouse electric esp this crescent moon bird.
8.  i wouldn’t be mad if someone got me this gold saint laurent bomber for abs no reason.
9.  am i the only one confounded by pdx’s delivery scene? finally tho, a helpful review.
10.  ezra furman is playing at mississippi studios on wed 12.2 and i’m the MOST pumped because his latest album perpetual motion people is f-ing incredible and he’s a beloved camp friend of mine. see you there?