vol 4.

last week was a doooooozy. this week? ehhh … idk … jury’s still out. ups and downs, ebbs and flows, will do’s but srsly step off ma inbox’s not withstanding, how about a little fresh internet air to get us from now to eod tomorrow, yea?

1.  first and foremost, the struggle [for this baby panda to roll over] is real.
2.  oh good there’s an unofficial guide to pdx’s best u-pick apple orchards.
3.  vintage 90s drew barrymore is giving me all kinds of good vibes today.
4.  grüner will close for good on new years and be handed off to the ox peeps.
5.  society 6 just started selling blankets and now i’m overwhelmed by cozy/choices.
6.  “the intensity of blooms this year has no precedent” (see chilean desert pic below).
7.  this guy was called “peter butt jig” in middle school, but now he’s the mayor of my hometown and a recipient of a kennedy award. oh wassup bullies? how u?
8.  my newest off menu counter order is scrambled egg whites, spinach, and chicken over a bed of quinoa and topped with avocado + aardvark hot sauce (plated in a bowl obvs).
9.  if you’re into travel + deals, def start following the flight deal pdx. no brainer.
10.  and now … some universal pooping truths (thanks, shannon hutchinson!)