vol 1.

thursdays are great and lists are great so … i was thinking … why not smoooosh them together and make this day supa dupa great? yea! chokay so, here’s vol 1 of a [hopefully] weekly round up of greatness:

1.  mercury is retrograde through friday (umm … duh).
2.  omg there’s a junk bonanza in ridgefield this weekend.
3.  quality bar is rocking a real nice vibe and it is vvv close to wk.
4.  ruth reichl is speaking at revolution hall on sat 10.10. her tweets are divine.
5.  autre ne veut is performing at star theater on mon 10.12. oo counting ftw.
6.  dark igloo is showing at fisk gallery on fri 10.9. pretty sure they are cool.
7.  my off-menu counter order is an egg white, spinach, and avocado wrap ($6)
8.  typatone makes out of context work emails beeeeeeautiful (ohwassup leola!)
9.  next year i’d like to go to the rockhouse negril. how do you unlimited vacay?
10.  the new el capitain system font is giving me so much life rn.