ghost bra: the way of the sample sale.

yesterday i went to a lingerie sample sale and even though this was maybe the second time i’ve attempted to buy underwear somewhere other than a gapbody 100% organic cotton snooze-a-thon, the wise women of the changing room decided i was their sexywear samurai. seriously, it was nonstop. “does this fit?” (nope). “does make me look fat?” (yup). “100% silk stretches, right?” (wrong). “which one’s better?” (neither). i almost gave up and walked out until this sweet young thing tapped me on the shoulder:

her: excuse me.
me: yes?
her: [lifts up shirt] do you think see-through bras are weird?
me: do i think they’re weird?
her: yea, like do you think seeing this part [points to her boobs] is weird?
me: [pauses, thinks] no, i don’t it’s weird. i just– is someone else going to see it?
her: ummm … maybe. probably?
me: well, i don’t think they’re weird i just think [pauses, actually thinks] i think when someone else sees you in nothing but your bra and underwear, you’re at your most naked, your most vulnerable and the last thing you want to feel in that moment is unsafe or uncomfortable or uncertain. so i would have to say, if wearing a see-through bra makes you question your choices or feel unsafe or uncomfortable or uncertain in any way, don’t get it. don’t wear it.
her: [pauses, thinks] good point. thanks.
me: no problem.

go get laid.