friend poll.

i like cause you like me
question = “what do you like?” via text.
time of day = sat, jan 12 @ 10pm est.
reason = ummmmfun.

quiet, david bowie, booties (sb)
songs, stories, american diners (ef)
road trips, pie, laughter (jg)
tight man butts, red wine, feeling safe (ep)
traveling, making movies, swimming (cn)
books, bourbon, candy (cs)
soulcycle, notre dame, traveling (ks)
hilary clinton (st)
bicycles, improv / laughter, interesting and inspiring magazine articles (cs)
loyal friends, beach vacations, walk-in closets (bs)
false eyelashes, pink bras, crab dip (js)
sunshine, ginger chews, salad (su)
being on / by the water, french girls w/ brown hair, wild animal screams / howls / roars / etc. (jk)
you, you, and you! (hm)
book of mormon, coffee, amy marsh (zr)
juggling a soccer ball with a friend or two outside, snekers with dope subtle colors, the feeling after a good swim when it’s hard to lift my own arms up to wash my armpits (nm)
surf, tits, beer (lf)
pancakes for dinner, 80s power ballads, awkward first kisses (lm)
jeopary, baked goods, that feel of “this is exactly where i want to be, what i want to be doing, and who i want to be with right now” (ar)
wheat toast, cigarettes, medium-sized dogs (aj)
nightmare before christmas, dc comics, legos (dg)
my girlfriend, scotch, movies (jj)
mint chocolate chip ice cream, meeting people with passions, the smell of newspapers (sm)
cheese, goats, corby (ni)
getting to the movie theater early, the crunch of wood chips when you walk on them, the shower after a run / lift, MONEY $$$$$ (mc)
bike rides, movies, well-made objects (ps)
the sound of rain on my air conditioner in the window (cs)
i like my friends, i like my cat, and i like mariah carey (bn)
sushi, trying something new, reciprocation (jk)
corgis, kombucha, kindness / consideration (sr)
music that makes the world spin around while i’m lying on the ground, funny ppl, snail mail (ml)
soulcycle, the view from my apartment at sunset on a clear day like today was, how i felt this week, you (dd)

ed. major apologies if my text came off as insincere weirdspam. a few weeks ago, i saw something on the internet that gave me the urge to text people i like and ask, “what do you like?” without context or expectation. i’ve now spent over two hours needle in a haystacking my google reader trying to find the thing that inspired me to do this in the first place, but … of course … nada. aaaaanyway, if you’re at all willing to look like a freaky weirdo via text message, i HIGHLY recommend doing this. each and every response made me laugh and smile and clap my hands together in 1000% joyful agreement. can’t ask for much more outta the weekend than that. also, corby is a dog.