amy’s list.


1...i’m a taurus which means not only am i violently hostile to change and quick to oversimplify complex matters, but that i also switch into hyper-loyal autopilot once i decide i like something. so, despite a 2hr commute to queens and a staff of crabby meankids (the worst!), i like rockaway taco.
2...a few weekends ago, candicemolly, and i decided to tackle the bike ride from williamsburg to rockaway park (roughly 18 miles, one way). we met at blue bottle ass early on sunday to caffeinate and gameplan beforehand and there we discovered each of us was in it for fairly different reasons – candice for the food, molly for the ride, and me for the burn. really though, i’m almost always in it for the burn.
3...the coney island mermaid parade was terrifying. usually i’m fine with crowds / crazies, but this was wayyy too much. i wanted to leave the moment i got there and so, after 30min, i did. sorryimnotsorry.
4...sometimes, i just really need a tall glass of water and an above ground subway stop. that’s all.
5...also, whenever i see something (anything!) that remotely resembles a flag, i immediately go here.