amy’s list.


1...sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you just have to throw on some gym clothes and take down your own damn “man, bear, on the rocks” studio art final, ya know? srsly, we’ve all been there, girl.
2...i hastily took this photo while running to catch a manhattan bound f train at the 4th ave / 9th st station in park slope. like any city dweller, i secretly love a few good lines and these were no exception.
3...on my way home from improv 101 last week, i walked through a construction site and noticed a worker had cemented a cell phone into the sidewalk. well well well, how do ya like them apples?
4...obviously, the tompkins square halloween dog parade is my all-time favorite east village event, but the 900 foot long blank canvas that wraps around the park for the howl festival makes a close second.
5...there will never be such a thing as too many dogs on this blog. never ever ever ever ever ever.