amy’s list.


1...i’ve never had serious problems with allergies before, but, oh my god, this year is turning out to be a really gross exception to that rule. spring 2012 is the booger apocalypse. hide yo kids, hide yo wife.’s really strange not having an office to small talk the weather with so if anyone would like to facetime and discuss today’s 10 day or hourly, i’d most definitely be down. we can also determine whether or not you had a nice weekend and if you’re doing anything exciting this summer. coolthxbye.
3...that spray paint looks like jelly fish / this pizza tastes like trash / them pandas don’t get old.
4...building siblings from left to right – – – > their eldest who shoplifted from cvs that one time, their middle weirdo who joined the army and has a pet snake, their youngest ivy wonder asset manager.
5...something in my routine feels slightly broken so i’ve been working on a grand plan to fix it.