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derek lam fall 2011

1.  the sartorialist
2.  bill cunningham
3.  anna wintour

irl irl irl (!)

I really wish I could be all cool, whatever, idk blasé about the fact that a ridiculously wonderful friend of mine asked me to be her plus one to the Derek Lam show on Sunday. But babes (babe babe babe), when you’ve been following new york fashion week from the comfort of your work computer for all the years you’ve ever even had a work computer and suddenly you’re only a hop, skip, and a jpeg away from three people who have been all up in your bookmarks since 2008, you kinda gotta f-thattitude. I mean, really. Holy high ass fashion, batman.

ps – jf, you are the f-ing tops. thank you sooooooo much.