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new boots and pantones. peet-astn
Time Out New York’s website is truly unbearable.  It’s super slow, completely incoherent, and not pretty to look at whatsoever.  It’s as if two customer service reps from any Verizon store got inexplicably horny and decided to name their first mistake, “The TONY Website.”  Seriously, I try to brace myself for the inevitable awfulness every time I click over there, but by the time 10 seconds have passed and still no photos have loaded, I’m already nursing what appears to be a mild internet headache.
So why did I go there yet again despite my sassy, better judgment? Because the “Now Do This Today” email lured me back with a promise of colorful wonders to add to my summer wardrobe!  And with over 60 images of perfectly awesome pieces I would be honored to rock all over town, I found myself not totally loathing The TONY Website for once.  I might be inclined to add these Pantone Universe Mugs into the mix, but overall I think this is a really superb list.
Way to go, buddy!  Oh, and be sure to tell your mom and dad that I’ll stop by for my new every 2 whenever I feel like spending several hours in wireless hell.  Thanks.