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1.  momo sushi shack is a rad little restaurant out in bushwick that serves up absurdly delicious sushi (see party bomb and pork betty for reference) alongside super solid life advice. have a lot of [good] sex and eat a lot of [killer] sushi? well well well, don’t mind if i do.
2.  last sunday the weather was so ridiculous outstanding (think crisp air, clear skies, mostly sunny, the works) that jonathan and i decided to long walk from east williamsburg towards manhattan until we reached new york by gehry. sidebar → can we see the muff pleasss?
3.  how i managed to not hear about scott’s annual slice out hunger food bank of nyc $1 pizza extravaganza until this year is BEYOND me. i am forever indebted to amy “i have a lot of opinions about pizza” rothberger for bringing this into my life. bless that pie lovin’ babe.
4.  i’m really into that time of year when the temp drops and the sky turns into windows 95.
5.  jonathan’s disdain for pumpkin flavored shit is giving me liiiiiiiiife. peace love internets.

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1.  a few saturday mornings ago, the downtown 6 wasn’t running so i ended up walking from my apt in the east village all the way to bethany’s 9am at lyons den in tribeca. i didn’t mind since there’s not a whole lot that’s quite as wonderful as soho before 9am and as i headed down greene street towards canal, i looked up and noticed this strung out mess of gutter shoes hanging out with some of the best fire escape-age in the city. that day was a good day.
2.  jonathan and i rarely hit the same restaurant twice (that’s cheating!), but i think cup & saucer has been given an unspoken pass. not complaining tho, them pancakes don’t play.
3.  we also went to coney island over labor day weekend and, despite the muggy overcast-ness, it was one of the top 5 best days i’ve spent in nyc EVERRR. also … modern photo booths are srsly overpriced ($5 for a single strip!), but the result has made me happier than things i’ve spent $600 on so, like, fuck those boots and the suede bag they came in.
4. candied apples and marshmallow pops are nice, but the dark chocolate nonpareils at william’s candy are where it’s at for me, personally. 1/4 lb bag and a nice long walk? yspls.
5. rockaway beach around 4pm the weekend after labor day is one part lovely two parts lonely.
6.  in case you were wondering, good vibes vvv welcome round these parts. namaste a while.

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interviewer:  do you ever get bored?
werner herzog:  no, never. the word is not even in my vocabulary. i seem to scare and astonish my wife by being capable of standing staring out of the window for days at a time, even when there is nothing happening out there. i may look catatonic, but not so inside. there might be storms raging inside. i think it was wittgenstein who talked about being inside a house and seeing a figure outside strangely flailing about. from inside you cannot see what storms are raging out there, so you find the figure funny.

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1.  this daschund is puddle of brown butter adorb-ness and someone better mop him up asap.
2.  last weekend jonathan and i decided to ditch our very exciting “get dinner somewhere” saturday night plans and busted ass to flushing to catch the last half of the mets-giants game instead. bonus round = that night happened to be fireworks night, so we were handsomely rewarded with a post-game light show + baller top 40 radio dj set. turn down for what, indeed.
3.  thanks to double reco’s from both justine and jeremy, i made sure to hit up kensington market when i was in toronto for justine and emmett’s wedding a few weekends ago. man-o-man there’s much to love about that place → good signs, good foods, good dranks, good vibes, good dogs (see pic 1 above) … something for everyone! or … a lot of stuff just for me!
4.  meet blake aka blako aka blakezilla aka jwt’s super duper flash dev ninja star. he’s the best of the best and led the way as digital production caravan’d from midtown west to north w-burg for our hotly anticipated fancy dance-y summer outing. such ♥ and group hugs in da club.
5.  jonathan and i traded nyc for the city of brotherly love this weekend where joanna played hostess wit da mostess, joelogic played funkmaster witout disaster, and philly played real nice wit a side of water ice. tldr i’ll be holding onto this one for a very long time. #practice

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1.  the union square greenmarket gets right at my heartstrings every. damn. time. maybe because it reminds me of my hometown farmer’s market where my mom and vivian ran a black market bagel & schmear booth and smuggled skokie’s finest to middle earth america.
2.  this year jkupferman’s 28th birthday fell on a saturday so, to celebrate, we gawked at other people’s dogs, ate separate (but equally delicious) sandwiches, wandered around roosevelt island, rode on a vvv cool tramway, walked foooooorever, napped, carbo-loaded, and saw delta spiritfor free. as jonathan would say, “yeppers. yeshhhhh. would eat again.”
3.  here’s a suggestion → take the 1 train to 191st street and get lost in fort tryon park.
4.  friendly shel silverstein psa → the sidewalk ends around 185th street and the hudson : )
5.  so, i used to think clinton street baking company made the best blueberry pancakes in nyc, but i was wrong. so wrong. they’re actually made by the fine folks of cup & saucer in chinatown. hungry? go now because they close at 7pm which is just like seeeeeriously wtf.
6.  in case you were wondering which nyc street really brings it, the answer is lafayette.

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1.  still dreaming about the black rice large plate (eggplant, kale gomae, chili cucumber, bonito, sweet potato mash, grapefruit ginger ponzu, hard boiled egg, avocado) from dimes, a new-ish baby chick food spot on the always baller chinatown les border. decided to end a delightfully unorganized sunday there where i easily snagged an open booth-side window seat, sipped on a fennel-ginger lemonade, dug into the latest cherry bombe magazine, texted my mom to find out what foods she craved while she was pregnant with me, squealed when she replied with her first emoji, and watched the world come down from its 4th of july high. tldr = never better.
2.  meet nancy huang, og foodie and luxury w-burg apt hunter extraordinaire. her master bath? en suite. her rooftop grill? gas and communal. her wraparound view? f-ing incredible.
3.  in case you were wondering if i still take random photos of grow nyc vegetables … i do.
4.  on saturday night i took a selfie with the moon. but, like, nbd. stars → they’re just like us!
5.  last weekend i had the supreme pleasure of being my sister’s date to lindsay & michaela’s #bumpercarwedding in dc. long story short, those ladies put the cool in realfuckingcool.

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1.  toby’s estate is killing it in hefty dogs with major personality waiting for their owners to get coffee so he/she can take them on a walk good times. this guy’s nombre? hombre, obviously.
2/3.  i spent last saturday with wifflegif and company picking strawberries at patty’s berries and bunches in mattituck (population 4219 … in case anyone was wondering). i rarely make weekend plans outside of my 263 block radius, so hitting the open road (driving! in zipcars! with boys!) for some wholesome day tripping was a welcomed change of pace. big ups to tinabeans for cruise directing. her strawberry outfit was the envy of us all. dat hat, yo. srsly.
4.  apologies for getting so lj with my last post. sometimes it’s just a hot, tired, semi-sad tues wherein you feel a lot of feels and post about them on the internet. that’s all. red flags down.
5.  i found a way to work an early morning stroll through tompkins sq park and a pit spot at ninth street on 10th street into my friday therapy / work commute. so, yea. fridays? still good.
6.  that’s wifflegif. he likes: obscure bodega beverages, long walks, animated gifs, his iphone, bonchon chicken, making fun and useful things for people to play with, fat cat, smart effortless music discovery, tri-blend concert tees, obeying crosswalk signs, emojis, me.

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1...skies like this make me really miss my bike, specifically that one time molly, candice, and i rode out to rockaway park and sunnied ourselves on candice’s pepto pink beach sheet.
2...lately i’ve been trying to be less judgmental slash put down the haterade and relaaaaaaax. for example, i always assumed toby’s estate was too big, too beautiful, too conveniently located to have both good coffee and reliable wi-fi. turns out i was wrong (i.e. hoorayness). caught in a quickie rainstorm on saturday afternoon while shopping for a little something something (new top? new dress? new shoes? idk sooooooomething) and popped into walter foods to dry off / wait it out / steal an umbrella / have foods. i’m really glad i did because now i can highly recommend the walter breakfast with soft scrambled eggs and bacon (obvs).
4...omg guys bulldog on a skateboard bulldog on a skateboard bulldog on a skateboard.
5/6...on sunday, allie and i went on a lady date whereby i convinced her to take the ferry to governor’s island to check out hammock grove. brb while i look up “worth it” on wikipedia.
7...just a friendly reminder to never move above 14th street … ever.

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“more and more i really believe that doing our best isn’t about loving unconditionally but about just saying something truthful. and letting the other person have the rare advantage of knowing what we’re feeling uncloaked, even if it doesn’t make sense, even if the feelings are confused, even if there are conditions. because making things seem uncomplex, making love seem easy and unconditional is just another deception we sweet-talk ourselves into, with all the should-ing that never lasts.

so there i was on the subway, picking feverish fights in my head with some stranger’s self-help book. and feeling like we’re all missing a better point here. a point not about love or conditions but about something simpler. about trying to be good and kind and patient with each other and knowing that there are always conditions, that we’ve all got our knots and bends in our brains, and holes in our hearts.”

- jane flanagan

these two paragraphs,
especially that last part
on being kind, having knots.
that’s where i’m keeping things.

for a while.

monsters come
in all shapes and sizes,
some of them are things
people are scared of.
some of them are things
that look like things
people used to be scared of
a long time ago.
sometimes monsters are things
people should be scared of,
but they aren’t.

- neil gaiman

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yesterday, amy and i (not talking in multiple persons, i have a real life friend named amy who is also smart and funny and resourceful and good at life etc.) took the day off because we both still have lingering vacation days we’re required to take before christmas (xoxo, hr). anyway, in order to maximize a mandatory one day of fun-ness, we did what all tightly wound slash totally game and adventurous women do … we planned.

1. am coffee tawking @ blue bottle
2. brooklyn brunching @ egg
3. aggressive sampling @ mast brothers
4. sketchbook browsing @ brooklyn art library
5. midtown snacking @ little collins
6. big piano playing @ fao schwarz
7. out nerding @ museum of the city of new york

the result was
f l a w l e s s .

1...the east village is one of the few nyc neighborhoods in which i’ve never felt judged. i’ve been here 4 years, but i live amongst those who clock over 40 (easy). either way, it’s all the same (all good, even). also, shit used to be really bad – like, buildings on fire all the time bad. then giuliani came in, cleaned up, and asked young people with dogs to move in (i.e. yuppies with babies not welcome). the way i see it, gentrifiers in the ev get a pass (a cat call, even).
2...dumbo is like the sweet, rich, unassuming uncle of all the magical magical bk hoods.
3...there’s something about a perfect set of downtown doors set against a perfect flood of downtown light that just seems to make everything everywhere 100% more than okay.
4...dear de blasio, please use this shade of aquamarine gutter paint as much as possible.
5...if you like to feel like the entire world is your oyster, eat this way and then walk this way.
6...see #1. also, fizzy water reminds me of lauren and now i miss her all over again.

98700024’s been 253 days since i posted one of these. mostly because december→ mid-march was dedicated to finding a full time job with a reasonable salary and above average health care benefits so i only allowed time for two things – furiously looking for a job and furiously riding in place. thankfully, that asinine regime only lasted about 3 months (i got a job with a reasonable salary and above average health care benefits in mid-march). then – big surprise – i actually had to do the new job i got and spent the next 6 months onboarding, failing, flailing, derailing, maintaining, restraining, owning, scoring, flooring, exploring, restoring (working).
2...sometimes, the view from my kitchen window is all i really need to get to tomorrow.
3...when i was younger and acting like a show-boaty pain in the ass, my mom would ask, “amy, what am i going to do with you?” my response was to throw up my hands exclaiming, “LOVE ME!” and then run into the wild suburban yonder, hoping the issue could be dropped forever. i guess what i’m trying to say is → w-burg, i get you but what am i going to do with you?
4...oh, to be a fly on the wall during this french bulldog’s pour over coffee smoke break.
5...other times, the view from my bedroom window is all i really need to get to tomorrow.

1...per a friend’s recommendation, i finally tried soulcycle. the closest studio is in union square (ugh), but seeing as how i’ve now been to 11 classes in 14 days that’s clearly not enough of a drawback to prevent getting wholly, fully, 1000% completely addicted. awhoops.
2...since moving to the east village over 3 years ago, living half a block from abraço has always topped a long list of reasons why i still love living here. i even remember noting that they were “just around the corner” when i went looking for my very first roommate. anyway, pictured above is co-owner liz quijada (and the woman behind their famous olive oil cake) holding her daughter lily. i am such big fans of these two. best smiles of 2012, by far. wouldn’t really be a proper amy’s list if i didn’t post something from the union square greenmarket, right? it must be clear by now i walk through this every week. also, roses.
4 & 5...back in october, tristan helped me cross wave hill off my ny to do list. it took a little one on one internet time to figure out that getting there is actually super simple. just live in or visit nyc, head to grand central, chill on metro north for 25min, and get off at riverdale. then be sure to pat yourself on the back for visiting a 28-acre public garden in the bronx overlooking the hudson river and palisades. fancy!


1...i held off on blogging these photos because it felt inappropriate to post anything but flooded apartment floating parking garage artisanal food truck charging station grinding gridlock snapshots of the city, but since i don’t think i can stomach one more of those i decided to fuck it and move on. i took this on my way home from my office during the last days of the feast san gennaro. i miss the dusk, i miss the lights.
2...i’m supposed to vote at village view housing on tuesday, but no one seems to know if that’s still true. i could really go for a ground up view from inside their derelict playground dome right about now.
3...looks like hercules and xena decided to haul ass to fort greene after their lease was up. gc, guys.
4...i would like very much to go back to wherever, whenever this was taken. i need a big, fat rewind.
5...molly and i biked to 139 basset avenue in mill basin a few sundays ago to see the gaudiest house in new york city. after we found it, we laughed out loud and ate some pizza. it was a fine day.


a few weeks ago,
i needed to get out of town.
like, really needed to get out of town.
so i hopped a flight to london,
attended my sister’s wedding shower,
and did a lap around the canal.
the end.


1...this dog and dude are totally on the same “why is she wearing overalls and taking my picture” page.
2...freelandbuck had this to say about their slipstream installation at bridge gallery – “it’s integrity as a structure is masked by both its redundancy and bright coloration.” oooooof. ouch. slash, sometimes i worry my integrity is masked by redundancy and bright coloration. ooooooy. i might need a new drug.
3...omg! lauren was here! for a weekend! we went to red hook! it was summer! red hook summer!
4...contrary to popular belief, i am not interested in owning a dog as i’m certain i would be very bad at the important stuff (walking, feeding, training, etc). i am, however, very interested in making more friends who do not mind when i audibly appreciate almost every dog we happen to bump into. coolthxbye.
5...and this is a picture of molly explaining the promo poster for frasier’s new tv show to me / the end.


1...soooooooo before i talk about why this carpe diem wall poser somewhere in the dregs of soho is my new favorite super righteous dude, i should explain that i just started working here as a production coordinator (what does that mean? idk i’ll look it up). aaaaanyway, their ny office is on a sweetass downtown block and the people watching has been killer (i.e. upping my soho / sobro quota, holla).
2...i finally checked long beach off my list and the waves were superbig and rough, just like i like ‘em.
3...something i really adore about my new job is strolling from the east village → bowery → noho → nolita → little italy → work each morning. a delightful way to wake up no matter how you look at it. man is an island unless that man has decided to park himself in a fancy beach chair on top of an aggressive amount of sand with a lot of unchecked authority. then i guess, yea, he’s a bit of an island. case you didn’t notice, i try to make every day a meet cool dog while grabbing a cup of coffee day.


1...i’m pretty sure this end is nigh sidewalk dog in greenpoint was my inspiration for hauling ass to philly after realizing i hadn’t left the city since my spur of the moment costa rican getaway back in february.
2...per her request, i sent joanna a list of 15 things i wanted to do while in philly (huge thank you to the nytimes for this and this) and she made good on almost everything including, “lay out and / or swim.”
3...don’t cry over a giant bag of spilled m&m’s especially when they’re the weird pastel kind and it’s 94°.
4...until jo’s dad corrected me, i thought this was a burmese mountain dog. as it turns out, this is a bernese mountain dog (i.e. originating from bern, switzerland not burma, southeast asia). awhooops. na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na bat-van.

. best friend’s family was in town and they very kindly let me cruise direct some adventures (i.e. dan asked for 1 or 2 suggestions and i drafted a super awesome itinerary instead). around 3pmish, i tried to take everyone here, but since it wasn’t set to open until 5pm, i quickly swerved everyone to reynards. a few wood-roasted olives and manhattan king viewings later, all wait time had been forgotten.
2...fine people of the internet, i would like you to meet joe dobies. in addition to being 1/2 the reason my best friend exists, he is also the world’s greatest what-to-order-er. i’ll have whatever he’s having, forever.
3...beware the ides of march, but befriend the ides of williamsburg. it’s fun, it works – – – > i like it.
4...holy moly, did anyone mention it is hot as fucking hades in this city right now? no? well, it is.
5...this nude reminds me = one time in college when joanna was on her laptop not really paying attention to her surroundings (i.e. me), i took off my brandeis sweatpants and demanded, “draw me.”


1...i’m a taurus which means not only am i violently hostile to change and quick to oversimplify complex matters, but that i also switch into hyper-loyal autopilot once i decide i like something. so, despite a 2hr commute to queens and a staff of crabby meankids (the worst!), i like rockaway taco.
2...a few weekends ago, candicemolly, and i decided to tackle the bike ride from williamsburg to rockaway park (roughly 18 miles, one way). we met at blue bottle ass early on sunday to caffeinate and gameplan beforehand and there we discovered each of us was in it for fairly different reasons – candice for the food, molly for the ride, and me for the burn. really though, i’m almost always in it for the burn.
3...the coney island mermaid parade was terrifying. usually i’m fine with crowds / crazies, but this was wayyy too much. i wanted to leave the moment i got there and so, after 30min, i did. sorryimnotsorry.
4...sometimes, i just really need a tall glass of water and an above ground subway stop. that’s all.
5...also, whenever i see something (anything!) that remotely resembles a flag, i immediately go here.


1...sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you just have to throw on some gym clothes and take down your own damn “man, bear, on the rocks” studio art final, ya know? srsly, we’ve all been there, girl.
2...i hastily took this photo while running to catch a manhattan bound f train at the 4th ave / 9th st station in park slope. like any city dweller, i secretly love a few good lines and these were no exception.
3...on my way home from improv 101 last week, i walked through a construction site and noticed a worker had cemented a cell phone into the sidewalk. well well well, how do ya like them apples?
4...obviously, the tompkins square halloween dog parade is my all-time favorite east village event, but the 900 foot long blank canvas that wraps around the park for the howl festival makes a close second.
5...there will never be such a thing as too many dogs on this blog. never ever ever ever ever ever.


1...i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – – – > you don’t always have to look up to see the good stuff.
2...big red doors make everything better. add in a baller dog & a happy punk? you’ve got yourself a party.
3...i can’t stop wondering when that next shut up stop worrying don’t think about it just do it door i’m supposed to open is going to reveal itself. the twins say june 12, but they’re only right 99.7% of the time.
4...fat or skinny? i know how these two will respond, but rihanna and i ran out of fucks to give.
5...and then this one time i saw a dog waiting patiently for a giant sesame bagel and dirty crack coffee.


if you wait,
all that happens
is that you get older.
larry mcmurtry
if you aren’t 
in over your head,
how do you know
how tall you are?
t.s. eliot



1...last week, dan and i camped out at ninth street to work separately, silently for an entire afternoon. when i finally looked up, i realized i hadn’t felt that quiet or comfortable or productive all f-ing year. terms of bluest skies, last weekend was a total teacher’s pet. not complaining, just saying.
3...they’re showing a lot of florals right now, so i was thinking… (florals? for spring? ground breaking)
4...sarah, molly, and i spent all day saturday laughing in mccarren park, incredulously browsing the brooklyn flea, taking the east river ferry to dumbo, laying out in brooklyn bridge park, and walking someone else’s long haired dachshund. unfortunately, i think this means we’re the ladies.
5...i wanna be made (into a twenty something dude living and working and dating in new york).


1...cutting through tompkins always seems to add a dash of yes yes yes to my all day everyday.
2...the line for mighty quinn’s bbq brisket sandwich at smorgasburg in williamsburg has been especially epic the past few weeks so i have yet to see what the big deal is – – – > update coming soon.
3...and while the line for dough is no less mighty than mr. quinn’s, the payoff is certainly sweet.
4...seeing as how i’ve not only attended smorgasburg multiple times, but also worked the bk flea in fort greene and williamsburg and attended day one of the hester street fair, i’m having a very fairy may.
5...if these paws could talk . . . they’d probably say something like “we are funny looking end of story.”
6...mile end sandwich just opened in my favorite downtown cross section = trilowstor (the triangle between lafayette and bowery from houston to astor place). hide yo kids, hide yo wife, tell yo friends.