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Classic Holga Camera Floursack Hand Towels. girls can tell
Although I am neither a middle-aged middle-american mombot nor do I have an excessive fondness for !!! and emoticons, I still read The Pioneer Woman because Ree has TONS of readers who generate TONS of ad revenue and she likes to feel better about herself by giving away TONS of cool shit. On May 4, all you had to do was answer what is your favorite kind of photography? and you would be entered to win a Nikon D90 DSLR camera and a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS4.   Ooooohkay! Unfortunately, considering her target audience, the lameness of the 42,700 comments made me boof all over my keyboard:
17 – Dineen Picerno
Pics of babies

1232 – Kimmer
Landscape…..oh AND BABIES!!!!!

20818 – Nancy
Babies, babies, babies!!

Thankfully, my co-worker (ie the one who did this on St. Patrick’s Day) was able and willing to use her sassy internet powers to temper my fowl mood:
20913 – AW
HDR! Especially of things other than babies.