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TGI freaking thurs. as my fav soulcycle instructor used to say, “let’s dooooo the damn thing … {42ish min later} … damn thing been dooooone!” oh, also … important update: y’all are marvelous. not sure if you were aware so, like, fyi and stuff. you’re the best. the best! ok. needed to get that off my chest. feeling much better now. moving on:

1.  odds david would adopt this giant rabbit for us to hold when we’re stressed? #wkbunnies
2.  willamette week just released 28 reasons to love pdx. wassup 4, 9, 14, 20, and 26. i see u.
3.  keeping mad tabs on bar casa vale’s opening. think “smoked foods” means local lox? yspls.
4.  i’m sry, did u say the portland of portugal? omg nytimes. why are u so obsessed with us?
5.  heard yeasayer is releasing an album 4.1 so obvs been waxing 2010 o.n.e. nostalgic since.
6.  ooo pastaworks is baaaaack! i bet my landlord refers to me as her “centerpiece tenant” too.
7.  double tapping all of gravity blog while i save for structube’s reno table. hellooo tax return.
8.  in big ♥ with woonwinkle so vvv intrigued by the minoux trunk show they’re hosting today.
9.  anyone ever been to dance yourself clean at holocene? i so badly want it to be awesome.
10.  josé gonzáles is performing at arlene schnitzer on 3.7. remember heartbeats? *sighhhhh*
11.  wondering if the cheese & crack snack shop would ever make this beauty a little boozy …
12.  thanks to this case, i’ve never lost my key card and rarely carry a purse. liberate yo self.
13.  “one must write wonderful things, make discoveries, and see to it that wonderful things happen to you. that is life. the rest is rubbish.” – boris pasternak

this week i realized i check and talk about the weather uhhhhhlot more than i used to. thinking i might need to slow my roll because one time i saw consecutive days of 0% rain and started yelling “check the ten day! check the ten day!” at, literally, everyone. yep. time to switch gears:

1.  hold up. bette is on instagram and starring in the marc jacobs s/s ’16 campaign? jes!
2.  def enter wildfang’s win a baller wknd in pdx contest before 2.13. big no brainer. big. huge.
3.  finally, a pdx pop-up restaurant guide. just living my best secret late-night milkshake lyfe.
4.  years from now, when i have to explain hipster millennial culture, i’ll just show this. holy moly.
5.  the pdx light festival is glowin’ up the e. waterfront now thru sat 2.6. *nods approvingly*
6.  lake street dive is playing crystal ballroom on wed 3.2. go see rachael irl. whattavoice!
7.  ♥ ♥ ♥ various key tags. i daydream about custom ones i wanna give/get almost daily. sigh.
8.  i don’t get how maven collective is so fairly priced. magic? trust fund? magic trust fund?
9.  just making sure y’all know about the dirty charlie at cup & bar. yes? ok. good. wonderful.
10.  fun fact = boiling ping pong balls makes the dent pop out. thank scrap pdx for the fyiiiiiiiii.
11.  can’t find your fav booze b/c of state liquor bs? pro tip: use drink up ny or hi-time wine.
12.  “nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” – mary shelley

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what a delightful little regular length week (that constantly felt like a jammed up short week) we just had ourselves here. despite the time warp … the good vibes, w2’s, goodbye emails, curious smells, and free kind bars were all a flowin’ and we made it through. until next time, here’s a list of misc good things to close out your thursday (not friday):

1.  got bit by the dance bug on sat so now i wanna be a video vixen drop cap when i grow up.
2.  besaw’s finally re-opened, but i’m way more interested in solo club, their bar next door.
3.  riri’s album came out today. it’s not on spotify (ugh), but it’s free on tidal for a ltd time.
4.  passport lost / expiring this year? do yourself a solid and renew asap. avoid the surge, yo.
5.  this wknd is the hand eye supply sample sale. wait. hold on. portland has sample sales?!
6.  per music snobs everywhere, julia holter’s 2.2 show at holocene is a must see. no fomo.
7.  pardon the listicle interruption for a brief message from our thurs list corporate sponsor.
8.  salt & straw’s dairy queen-esque soft serve joint opens in pine st market on 4.1. hellyes.
9.  i didn’t know 2016 was year of the monkey. will repent at mochitsuki 2016 on sun 1.31.
10.  world’s greatest cat painting arrives at the portland art museum on fri 1.29. fyi cat ppl. fyi.
11.  siggi’s yogurt is on sale for $1 at the pearl whole foods through tue 2.2. don’t tell yoplait.
12.  “enjoy it. because it’s happening.” – stephen chbosky

long week? ugh. i know. me too. let’s get to the good stuff:

1.  today’s the last day of house of common’s online sale. like, 50-70% off big. i’m sry wha?
2.  lackluster twitter problems? maybe try following @whoopi_pics. literally just whoopi pics.
3.  will joseph cook and his lovely little song beach is getting me to tomorrow. *deep breaths*
4.  hunting for a rug and found frances loom. holy vintage moly! new gems every thurs.
5.  didn’t think i was an rv gal, but man does the mehrzeller look cool. let’s get outta dodge!
6.  anyone wanna throw a disco themed party? need more shimmer and sparkle in my life rn.
7.  what, pray tell, is a salmon estuary tour? idk but down for a guided coos bay kayaking tour!
8.  found out grassa is replacing pastini pastaria on nw 23rd. what’s italian for upgraaaade?
9.  uses this is a favorite blog and they recently interviewed a favorite lady. fuck yea sarah brin!
10.  “in the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.” – jeanette winterson

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man has this been a weird week. like everything was on slo-mo and fast-forward at the same time or something. blech. excellent timing for a ♥ to ♥ bear hug long weekend, don’t ya think? oh yea. y’all knew that right? no worky day job fun times on monday so, like, go craaaaaazay and stuff on sunday. until then … here’s what’s up:

1.  for the record, i am drinking this month. currently craving the no. 8 and jack’s manhattan.
2.  just found out sharon needles’ show at lovecraft on fri 12.15 is sold out. what? nooOOOoo!
3.  dreaming about sunny walks to lunch in the vvv near future. pine street market, anyone?
4.  what are you doing on tue jan 19? nothing? cool. get yo butt to church for dolly’s 70th bday.
5.  watching this video over & over & over. that move at 1:05! i wanna dance with somebody.
6.  the portland mercury anonymous blog is sorta hit or miss, but this post got me lol-ing today.
7.  michael blume sounds like an electronic leon bridges with more bass (less throwback). dig it.
8.  planning a lady vacay and using luxury link for deals thanks to pro traveler erica leader.
9.  i sometimes wonder about beyoncé’s notification settings. i bet show on lock screen is off.
10.  why yes, xtabay, i’m pretty sure one of us does need this dress. vvv kind of you to notice.
11.  plz don’t kill my vibe or ability to attend the holy trinity rnb tribute at holocene on 1.23.

congrats on finishing a [sorta] full week of back to work working without leaving your laptop in the sink. you’re doing great! roll with it. also …

1.  the nytimes just published its 52 places to go in 2016 travel round up. brb all damn day.
2.  i have a really good feeling about the society hotel. see the rooftop before it’s a scene.
3.  did you know planned parenthood has a tumblr? seriously, it’s good. like, really good.
4.  finally updated my pdx to do list and now it’s 2x longer than my nyc to do list. let’s haaang.
5.  listen foodiez. 2016 is the year of mae so best get yourself on that ressie mailing list stat.
6.  i fell down a yelp k-hole and now i’m considering making an appt. with miss renee. hoboy.
7.  lily tomlin is performing on sat jan 16 at the symphony. go. that’s ms. frizzle for god’s sake!
8.  the next pdx collective sale is jan 22-23 at the cleaners and the lineup is lookin’ sweeeeeet.
9.  got some smoko yeti usb footwarmers today and, like, wow. what a world. all the things!
10.  “she may be wearing balenciaga but she’s also wearing coke, ya know what i mean?” – rereading ryan’s o’connell guide to dressing like an olsen because it’s freaking timeless.

2015 was tectonic.

i said yes to some big questions hoping it would cause the plates of my life to unhinge a little from the continental crust holding them in place and help me out of my late 20 something rut with a heavy dose of the unknown. but then … well … shit. my plates didn’t just unhinge, they went fucking seismic and slid out from under each other and floated 2442 miles away. i mean, good lord. no wonder i was so tightly wound and scared and sad. but, if there is one nice thing about natural disasters, it’s that they don’t last forever. they can’t. at some point, you form a plan and you go along with said plan because the alternative is sitting still and staying sad and that seems … i don’t know … shitty? and then, before too long, the plan isn’t even a plan, it’s the norm and the norm is fine and then eventually the norm is pretty good and sometimes it’s even great. i guess what i’m trying to say is that my 2015 was really serious and that’s totally okay but also why i’ve decided in 2016 there will be laughing. lots of laughing.

2016: why so serious?

i’m chillin in portland all break (jewish *shrugs*) and had a touch of free time (ok fine nothing but free time) and thought y’all might need a little escape from your holiday swirl. yea? cool:

1.  unsure which movie will cure what the break is throwin’ at ya? this list will help. brooklyn!
2.  winter still isn’t over, but, like, good! more time to save for a hanging geodesic love seat.
3.  drake on cake is great, but we’ve got a bakestress in-house that can totally hold her own.
4.  “boy, are you wifi? because if i have to pay for your ass i’m out.” – yassss to boy are you.
5.  can we pleeeease go to matt’s bbq? the brisket is supposedly fatty / flavorful as hell now.
6.  heard lover by in the valley below via my discover weekly and now it’s on repeat forever.
7.  all right listen up, folks. janet jackson tribute night is on wed 1.13 at holocene. i repeat …
8.  and hood internet will be at mississippi studios on fri 1.22 in case you neeeeed to dance.
9.  brooke and boaz made the sweetest travel portland zine. start there and then hit the rest.
10.  “it is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” – j.r.r. tolkien

i’ve been listening to beiber’s new album uhhhhlot this week and now i feel full of youthful ignorance and supersized pride but also like i’m locked in an ibiza warehouse with a rowdy gang of 14 year olds. probably best to put le beibs on pause for a sec and focus on some other nice cool things like:

1.  new rules: must love dogs, must follow @dog_rates. would pet diligently. 12/10.
2.  ever wonder wut happens at an adele concert? thx to all knowing erica, mystery solved!
3.  long dog makes clothing for long dogs (corgis, dachshunds, bassets, etc.). srsly can i live?
4.  wanna unlimited vacay in negril next year? american is selling roundtrip tickets for $391!
5.  it’s that best of time and this post + this playlist will cure even the gnarliest of music ruts.
6.  thatcher, jong-un, or putin bluetooth speaker busts? sorta leaning double thatcher tbh …
7.  once upon a midnight blurry could have been us, but we playin’ mad men 2016 vibes now.
8.  if j fernandez is considered bedroom pop, then i guess i’m into bedroom pop. who knew.
9.  for all my planners out there (wut up!!), here’s a list of good eats open on new years day.
10.  bone thugs is playing at crystal ballroom on 1.21. ugh home used to be my evvverything.
11.  late dec daters block? try the aerial tram – or – the vacuum museum – or – the grotto light festival. bankable fun times guaranteed (w/ or w/o an “only in portland” heavy sigh roll).

you’re busy. i’m busy. it’s freaking busy. let’s get right to the good stuff:

1.  ever heard of structube furniture? saw on the artful desperado. looks affordable and nice!
2.  in case anyone wants to fall down an internet hole, here’s the most viral tumblrs of 2015.
3.  yo, nordstrom’s does price matching! jessica lo got them to sell her hunters for $79.99.
4.  move over, kraft cheese singles. there’s a new kid in town. man, japan is the best at foods.
5.  a nihilist charlie brown blog named may contain peanuts is my grace rn. also, i feel you.
6.  there will be a thai fried chicken joint across the street from podnah’s. end scene.
7.  can someone help me rock a weightless gold trinket skinny chambray femme look? thx.
8.  thoughts on pdx’s famous vegan bbq cart? heard they gots a brick n’ mortar in sw now.
9.  very ’bout it xmas party at produce row on fri 12.11 is looking like a must go aka u must go.
10.  “the world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.” – ernest hemingway

snapshots from the passenger seat. this was a few weeks ago – early november – so i packed as i was told:

it’ll be raining! pack boots!
it’ll be freezing! pack layers!
it’ll be storming! pack coats! 

but the day we drove out was nothing like that. clear, beautiful, abundant, forgiving skies the whole way and when we arrived in manzanita just after sunset, the view took my breath away. i can’t remember the last time i looked up and saw stars.

the hiiiiiiiiills [of the atrium] are alive with the sooooooooound of [ambient ocean] music and in case you can’t remember where you parked your getaway canoe, here’s a grab bag of internet quaaludes to get you through:

1.  pacific coast storm watching and a 7 course breakfast? you had me at 7 course breakfast.
2.  jonesing for primecut’s salt + pepper hobo bag (spotted at the cleaners on black friday).
3.  i don’t think i’ve ever seen a vintage store do a look book before. damn, yo vintage. get it.
4.  obsessed with the jackets in this video + the part at 0:50 when everyone goes f-ing nuts.
5.  ’tis the season for state-wide truffle fests, apparently. so weird it might just work. to eugene!
6.  i wanted to hate this ’13 huffpo dating article, but then the 1st point became my north star.
7.  guyzzzz are these really the best holiday baked goods in all of portland? pdx n00b here.
8.  those are some sweet polaroids, casting director bonnie timmermann. great name too, girl.
9.  my excitement to see if pizza jerk lives up to its hype has become unmanageable. halp.
10.  ooo the portland mercury sex survey results are in! it’s a lot of copy for an internet thing, but full of lolz like “20% of you like to be submissive, which is why there are so many cars in portland, sitting at four-way stops, just waving other cars through.”

this week has been brought to you by pie (oh my gawd so much pie), lol worthy karaoke, totally unreasonable 5pm downpours, meetings about meetings about meetings, and feeling all the feels. tldr could use a nice little list right now. oh yea? you too? ok whew:

1.  can someone make sure the new pip’s donut + chai truck will be at the holiday party? thx.
2.  hold all my calls. need to spend the rest of today perusing 30 years of janet jackson style.
3.  fyi to all da queens living in nw alphabet – boxer ramen is coming to kearny & nw 23rd.
4.  everything will be ok, but maybe watch drunk ppl being surprised by puppies just in case.
5.  i finally found a highly recommended improv show and it’s fri 11.20 at the siren theater. wee!
6.  super filtered and saturated picture of me from earlier this week. le sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
7.  this photo of burt reynolds and sally field mostly re: sally’s a+ shoe situation. that heel!
8.  there is an egg nog competition on sun 12.13. i repeat. there is an egg nog competition …
9.  omg former san antonio brewery turned shmancy hotel. how are you so beautiful? how?
10.  “even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” – victor hugo

holy fast ass week batman. i don’t know about you, but things feel crazier than usual right now, like major important sh*t is only a few wrong turns from going completely off the rails. when it gets like this i like to turn up the tunez to 11 and make a quick list of some nice, cool things to share with some nice, cool girls. cheers to the latter + the freakin’ weekend (ugh ♥ those booty shorts):

1.  y’all saw our very own grace rivera is one of pdx monthly’s fav instagrammers, riiiiiight?
2.  idk about you, but this thanksgiving i’m gettin’ on team dangly leaf + mini rosemary wreath.
3.  i randomly received a bits and pieces catalog and the goods are giving me major lolz.
4.  y’all think we can get a set of these balloons for the office? yea? yea? maybe? thx.
5.  here’s a 4th grader reminding us that no matter what anyone says, girl code is unbreakable.
6.  nomad expanded their hrs + added staff. thank gawd. $$$ 15 course mealz 4 everybody!
7.  this fashion takeover at the ace on sat 11.14 looks super rad. i’m goin. can’t stop me.
8.  for abs no reason, i’m really loving this pic of leo drinking a pyrex of milk. bless the internet.
9.  i wanna try big egg so bad. anyone been? worth it? pls say yes pls say yes pls say yes.
10.  witchoria is one of my favorite tumblr time wasters (a cosmic coffee would be vvv nice rn).

well this has been a fun little week, hasn’t it? if my senses/sources are correct, there’s been loads of autumnal realness and chill goodness reverberating ’round these parts (note: if you haven’t felt this way, plz stop by my desk for to-go vibes). alrighty then, let’s kick this week’s list into high gear:

1.  well whaddya know? hump 2015 is finally here. gotta get up to get down!
2.  this trove of 70s street style is bringing both the noise and the funk (see above).
3.  oooo cyril hahn is playing at holocene on sat nov 7! who dat? def start with open.
4.  the mothership is hit, i repeat, the mothership is hit. omg chill omg chill omg chill.
5.  if i wasn’t getting outta dodge this wknd, i’d hit folk’s furniture pop-up. prob $$$$ tho.
6.  here’s a round up of pdx’s best hot cocoa. need confirmation if this is legit, like, asap.
7.  i’m currently lovingggg everything at schoolhouse electric esp this crescent moon bird.
8.  i wouldn’t be mad if someone got me this gold saint laurent bomber for abs no reason.
9.  am i the only one confounded by pdx’s delivery scene? finally tho, a helpful review.
10.  ezra furman is playing at mississippi studios on wed 12.2 and i’m the MOST pumped because his latest album perpetual motion people is f-ing incredible and he’s a beloved camp friend of mine. see you there?

last week was a doooooozy. this week? ehhh … idk … jury’s still out. ups and downs, ebbs and flows, will do’s but srsly step off ma inbox’s not withstanding, how about a little fresh internet air to get us from now to eod tomorrow, yea?

1.  first and foremost, the struggle [for this baby panda to roll over] is real.
2.  oh good there’s an unofficial guide to pdx’s best u-pick apple orchards.
3.  vintage 90s drew barrymore is giving me all kinds of good vibes today.
4.  grüner will close for good on new years and be handed off to the ox peeps.
5.  society 6 just started selling blankets and now i’m overwhelmed by cozy/choices.
6.  “the intensity of blooms this year has no precedent” (see chilean desert pic below).
7.  this guy was called “peter butt jig” in middle school, but now he’s the mayor of my hometown and a recipient of a kennedy award. oh wassup bullies? how u?
8.  my newest off menu counter order is scrambled egg whites, spinach, and chicken over a bed of quinoa and topped with avocado + aardvark hot sauce (plated in a bowl obvs).
9.  if you’re into travel + deals, def start following the flight deal pdx. no brainer.
10.  and now … some universal pooping truths (thanks, shannon hutchinson!)

Version 2.0 (2013)
ugh. this week. oy amirite. let’s lighten the mood, shall we?

1.  this seventeen mag cover from aug 1994. brendan fraser and evan dando? swoontown.
2.  here’s every important pdx cocktail bar, mapped. comment to keep ’em honest.
3.  not your average how to be an acceptable human list. decency! let’s try for it!
4.  “a desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” – john le carré
5.  rumor has it uber pdx is going to offer rides up/down mount hood this winter. whoa!
6.  parabo’s 36″ wood rails is how i framed wk’s martha rich poster for under $50.
7.  my brain’s real full rn. prob why i’m feelin’ eugenia loli‘s surreal collages (above).
8.  sometimes i binge watch apple trailers. latest finds = nasty baby + the new girlfriend.
9.  oh, you know, just some classy ass furniture for your classy ass cat. ass cat. ha.

as of today, i’ve been here for 6 months. i’m writing this down and because, much like my dad, if i don’t write things down they might as well never happened. it also feels really good to acknowledge all of the choices and changes and miles and minutes and giant leaps and incremental steps and you’re so brave’s and i never thought you’d leave’s and how does this work’s and what the fucking fuck’s and do you have a car’s and where do you live’s and yes yes okay’s and no no not anymore’s that took place between “back then” and “right now.” no judgments, no conclusions … just written and confirmed:

this happened.

OKAY kiddos. let’s get right into it:

1.  sweater weather is neigh.
2.  if you’re interested in good times, check out this post.
3.  i highly recco everybody chill for a sec and throw some d’s.
4.  whole foods is selling small oatmeal for 25 cents through 10.27.
5.  bit house saloon is throwing a “bar of the year” + ice luge party tonight.
6.  michael ian black is doing 4 shows at helium this weeeeekend.
7.  seven is a much better amount of things in a list than six.

thursdays are great and lists are great so … i was thinking … why not smoooosh them together and make this day supa dupa great? yea! chokay so, here’s vol 1 of a [hopefully] weekly round up of greatness:

1.  mercury is retrograde through friday (umm … duh).
2.  omg there’s a junk bonanza in ridgefield this weekend.
3.  quality bar is rocking a real nice vibe and it is vvv close to wk.
4.  ruth reichl is speaking at revolution hall on sat 10.10. her tweets are divine.
5.  autre ne veut is performing at star theater on mon 10.12. oo counting ftw.
6.  dark igloo is showing at fisk gallery on fri 10.9. pretty sure they are cool.
7.  my off-menu counter order is an egg white, spinach, and avocado wrap ($6)
8.  typatone makes out of context work emails beeeeeeautiful (ohwassup leola!)
9.  next year i’d like to go to the rockhouse negril. how do you unlimited vacay?
10.  the new el capitain system font is giving me so much life rn.

news flash:
it all kinda sucks.
deal with it.
don’t become part of it.

wasted rita

i’m sick of this record already
let’s wreck all the preconceived notions they bring to it
check all the baggage or better yet burn it
and start all over again

let’s start with your life as you know it
we’re back in our mothers’ wombs folded like notebooks
we had no idea of all the tote bags and meat hooks
waiting out in the world

one september in boston
i lost the will to live
i was just like an astronaut cut from the ship
floating and waiting to die
i was sick of my ordinary life
i was so sick of ordinary life
i was sick of this ordinary life

the human mind gets sick real easy
the human mind gets way fucking sick of beauty
and i know, and it’s happened to me
again and again
again and again

you’ve gotta make it new
you’ve gotta keep it new to keep it true
and you’re allowed to do anything you’ve gotta do
just cause you’re sick of your ordinary life
doesn’t mean you should bottle up and die
lose your way completely but stay alive

ditty bop sha lang lang
ditty bop sha lang sha ditty lang
ditty bop sha lang lang ditty lang

ezra furman, ordinary life

i took a deep breath
and listened to
the old bray of my heart.
i am. i am. i am.

sylvia plath

september was hard. i got back from switzerland and suddenly found myself refreshingly busy at work, but also entangled in nebulous work politics that left me feeling unsure of my instincts and hesitant in my choices and – this is where things started to unravel – slow to stand up for myself. the stress and anxiety swirled, the sound of an old friend’s voice brought me to tears, and i quietly wondered what i was even doing here. it’s funny. in new york i could only handle 48 hours of feeling weird and uncomfortable before i had to do something about it. in portland? weeks, nearly a month. maybe new york really is faster than portland. maybe new york is already at capacity when it comes to weird and uncomfortable. maybe there’s no difference or reason or rulebook and life is whatever the fuck it is and sometimes things are just hard a little longer than the last time they were hard. okay. so september sucked. so what? when i was ready, i took a deep breath and trusted my instincts and wore a lot of black and put on heels and blasted beyoncé and made it abundantly clear to myself and others:

i am. i am. i am.

vagary, n.

the mistake is thinking
there can be an antidote
to the uncertainty.

david levithan

back in february i chose “go through it” as my 3 word thesis for 2015 (full breakdown of my previous 3 word theses here) and maybe this is one of those “ugh shut up this horoscope could vaguely apply to anyone” eye roll inducing coincidences, but “go through it” has been a really on point personal compass for me. i started thinking about it this morning and realized i’ve gone through a lot of very real [late late 20-something] life shit since february:

negotiating my worth
letting go of new york
packing up my life
moving two thousand miles away
finding a new apartment
dating long distancing
breaking up long distance
producing long distance
forming new and meaningful friendships
feeling lost, obnoxious, alone
feeling smart, strong, capable
feeling nothing, something, everything

i get asked uhhhhlot whether i (a) love it here (b) miss new york. i think people really want to hear (a) yes! (b) no!, but neither of those answers feel totally right and i have absolutely no poker face when it comes to my personal life (or filter … sorry family). every time i meet someone new i brace myself for the inquiry and when it inevitably comes up i end up rambling emo-laden nonsense for 15 minutes until something along the lines of “ummm i don’t know i’m ok” blubbers out. the truth is, i can’t answer these questions because i’m not done yet.

i’m going through it.

it’s such a
being always

langston hughes, “ennui”

i’m super broke right now and thought i was depressed due to said super broke-ness, but then i found the new chet faker feat. banks and decided i’m not depressed. i’m just experiencing a temporary lack of funds combined with a temporary lack of good new tunes to put on repeat while i try not to buy anything, ever.

update → i just saw a corgi.
so maybe everything’s all right?
idk. you tell me, universe.


ps – if you’re feeling like throwing money at something, i will happily be your something. $5-$5000. i can untangle your cords. i’d love to untangle your cords.

1. monica visited me this past weekend and life immediately got 10x more wonderful. i tried to show her my version of portland through the few good friends i’ve made here thus far instead of forcing participation in misc plug and play fun time activities. highlights/mvp’s included river swims + sun bathing at rooster rock with launa, michael, and ryan, dinner + dessert with emily, maggie, and christopher, and goo gone delivery + stoop sitting with eddye and bo. fyi, universe: i would not be upset if monica decided to repatriate and make portland her new home.
2. clear skies, deep blue breaths. everyone says i came at the right time. cautiously optimistic.
3. all the murals here feel like they were painted just a few hours before i stumbled upon them. bold, unapologetic fuckers. this one is in southeast and reminds me of bowery & houston.
4. i left my [now discontinued] joe fresh aviators at michael’s 4th of july bbq east of se 82nd, never to be heard from again. rip officer marsh (may 2013 – july 2015). let the record reflect, i am very fond of these classic gold ray-ban aviators and ship most things to my work address.
5. i feel prickly and weird right now and decided that’s okay. quitting, packing, moving, breaking, hurting, healing – an onslaught of all the prickly, weird things all at once (not sure how else i’d be). at least the universe is always in its perfect order even if it doesn’t feel like it, at all.

ha but srsly
he dnt do fancy
been thinking a lot about big love lately, about wanting to give it and get it back just as big in return. i worry that i’m turning into a heart broken pessimist, but i have a hard time imagining anything remotely close to that happening here or just generally, like even in the far off distant future when i feel stronger and more sure of my shit again. but, to be fair, it’s been less than 2 months since jonathan and i broke up, so maybe that’s more of a normal, guarded, self protected, to-be-expected thought pattern than a pessimistic one. i’ve also been thinking a lot about this ikea kitchen island, mid century modern low boy dressers, whether or not i’m killing my fern, losing 10 pounds, not drinking for a few months, 8×10 area rugs, and finding some sweet landscape paintings to hang on my bedroom walls.

amy’s brain.
welcome to the jungle.

ps – where da fuck are all the jews at, portland? goddammit. srsly tho.


been encountering waves of sadness in the evening, lately. after the emails stop and the east coast crawls into bed and the northwest sun fades, i try to sit with the day, sit with the quiet, sit with whatever’s changed, whatever’s the same, but i just … can’t. i can’t because my mind is a wind tunnel and a wave of doubt and longing and uncertainty and loneliness has just rolled in, consistent and thick and unforgiving and … i know (i know).

it’ll pass.
i’ll come back.
i’ll be better for it.
i’m just in it.


people say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. i don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. i think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually

the rapture
of being

joseph campbell, the power of myth

i bet bethany and zovig would agree.

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1.  this is a picture of me all tuckered out. news flash = it’s really difficult to feel fully nested when you’re missing major pieces of furniture and readily accessible funds to do a goddamn thing about it. this being my current steez, i now spend the majority of my penniless down time between non-rent paychecks rearranging all the furniture i do have in an attempt to prove i have autonomy over my own life space, thus pooping myself out on a fairly consistent basis.
2/3.  a few weeks ago, launa invited me to her birthday party on the coast and i said “hell yea” and justin gave me a ride and offered to show me lots of cool, coasty things. to recap, we saw a bunch of rogue sea lions, climbed astoria column, got pizza + beer at fort george brewery, and checked out haystack rock. then we got to launa’s and partied allllll night long. jk. then we got to launa’s and ate chips and chit chatted till like 9:30 and drove home. it. was. awesome.
4.  god bless the internet and its ability to foster deep, genuine relationships. seriously, because of apps like tinder (how i met jonathan) and sites like (how he met launa and justin and a ton of other wonderful pdx people), i moved across the country to a city i’ve visited exactly once and was suddenly blessed with an incredible group of non-work people to befriend and learn from and lean on. just in case no one said it yet today: thank you, internet.
5. the friday before memorial day i attended a killer bbq in northeast where glazed donuts may or may not have been placed on the grill and then topped with grilled pineapple. unconfirmed.

my first 4 days at work were wonderful. as expected, first names didn’t stick and the place isn’t perfect, but i walked home everyday with a genuine feeling that i belonged and the terrible horrible no good very bad heartache of leaving and accepting 10,000 changes into my life (me = taurus, change = kryptonite) would soon be worth it. then, friday rolled around and everyone started to clear out early for the weekend and this foreign feeling of dread came over me as i realized i’d be spending mine alone. suddenly, “i belong” became “i’m alone” and, before i knew it, tears were welling up at 5pm on a friday on my 5th day of work.

so soon?

thankfully, i was intercepted by a divine messenger coworker who was coming over to tell me she was also from indiana (my “about me” bio had just gone out to the entire agency … le sigh) and the second she saw me fighting back tears she knew exactly what was up and pulled me into a nearby conference room. she was kind and didn’t judge me for crying on my 5th day and made me feel better and gave me her cell and suggested we hang out. she said in a few months i’d look back on this day and laugh which reminded me of dan and jay, the two people who kept me laughing when i was knee deep in tragedy.

actual tragedy.
terrible tragedy.
which this was just … not.

so i packed up my things and walked home from my first week feeling both like i belonged and made the right decision but also like i was fucking uncomfortable and sad and lonely. the next morning, i did what i always do when i feel weird for more than 24hrs: something about it. i went to yoga and got coffee and installed a cable modem and texted some friends of friends i was e-introduced to (plus one i made on my own!) to say “hi how are you i’d love to hang out.” within a few hours, i had dinner plans and an art opening to attend and – well, whaddyaknow – i didn’t feel so fucking uncomfortable anymore.

fast forward.

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ever since emily came to visit last week and lit up my whole world by hanging out with me in the east village for a few sweet afternoon hours, i’ve had this nonstop craving for [waaaaay better than just, like, pretty good] coffee and can now only bring myself to drink a+ premium cups before i head to the top shelf roasting motherland. would drink again highlights of this totally impromptu bougie nyc coffee tour include:

third rail
box kite
la colombe

peace ♥ caffeine.