like more than a friend.

5 ing’s from last week that felt fantastic:

1. sending an “i’m not into you romantically” email instead of going passive aggressively radio silent until – hopefully – the other person forgot i existed and / or stopped trying.
2. posting a #nofilter photo on instagram and discovering an artist i really admire “liked” it.
3. taking my favorite heels to alex so i could keep naomi campbell walking allova town.
4. being asked repeatedly what sports i played in high school (answer: uhhhhh drama club?)
5. graduating from the 3lb to 5lb hand weights at my local synagogue.


  • I envy you not because you’re living my lifelong dream -new york city and the finding self comfort and peace blah- though you are totally(!), but because I know how tough it can be sometimes, to stand strong.

    • Amy

      zeynep! oh my goodness. what an absolutely delight seeing you here. please know i think the f-ing world of you. life is so much better with you around. xoxo.