like more than a friend.


1...soooooooo before i talk about why this carpe diem wall poser somewhere in the dregs of soho is my new favorite super righteous dude, i should explain that i just started working here as a production coordinator (what does that mean? idk i’ll look it up). aaaaanyway, their ny office is on a sweetass downtown block and the people watching has been killer (i.e. upping my soho / sobro quota, holla).
2...i finally checked long beach off my list and the waves were superbig and rough, just like i like ’em.
3...something i really adore about my new job is strolling from the east village → bowery → noho → nolita → little italy → work each morning. a delightful way to wake up no matter how you look at it. man is an island unless that man has decided to park himself in a fancy beach chair on top of an aggressive amount of sand with a lot of unchecked authority. then i guess, yea, he’s a bit of an island. case you didn’t notice, i try to make every day a meet cool dog while grabbing a cup of coffee day.