like more than a friend.


life is surreal right now.
currently, i do not have a job
nor am i looking for a job
(both, by choice).
. crazy?
me:..maybe a little?
them:..oh shit, she crazy.
basically, for the next two months,
i’ve decided to pull a quarter life reset,
live off 3.5 years of day job savings
& choose my own adventure.
like always, any & all
i’m okay / you’re okay
wisdom / nota benes
ps – a very big thank you to the 14th street apple store for supplying such fast, reliable, and totally free internet to mild mannered hoardes of midwestern moms, european dads, your best friend’s cousin . . . and me.  this post could not have been drafted without you.  additionally, an even bigger no thank you to time warner for cutting major east village cables and indefinitely slowing all of 7th street to something straight out of my abby728 at aol dot com dial-up daze.