like more than a friend.


1...when i look back on my twenties, i hope i remember that shady stretch of 10th street between a and b just above tompkins square park.
2...i am happy to report i survived a sunday afternoon shootout between an old man with a hose and a mcsorley’s tourist (huge thanks to my waterproof disposable camera). only thing i need now is a new word for incredible.
3...have you ever been to the new amsterdam market? i go almost every weekend, but i only just noticed that part of the bridge under which it takes place is painted lavender. i highly recommend you see it for yourself. it’s really lovely.’s been way too hot for touching, but i was almost ready to make an exception for the moss that’s climbing up the building behind 6bc. for me, i’m still in a weird head space, but i think some of my plates and perspectives are about to shift. my current to-do list is to continue to do work i am proud of, say yes more than i say no, and talk to as many people as possible. just let me know if you think i’m forgetting something.

  • i love your picturessssss.

    do you use instragram/do you have an iphone? if yes, then i want to follow you!

    • Amy

      unfortunately, i don’t use / have either. i have a blackberry (for work, blerg) so for fun i’ve been shooting with a waterproof disposable camera and developing them @ janky pharmacy photo centers. but i will totally let you know the moment i buckle and decide to to be 21st century 20-something.

      ps – hi, lady!