like more than a friend.


I know I’m pretty late to discover this place, but I stumbled upon ModCloth a few days ago and I think I already have a full-blown crush-session.  Not only are their prices totally reasonable, but their product names are .O..U..T..S..T..A..N..D..I..N..G..:
You’re Smokin Jacket
I Dye! Maxi Dress
Dial M for Marvelous Skirt
To top it off, their about us page says, we want to be the fashion company you’re friends with! Ugh, so many no brainers, so little time . . .
PS – I was the last one to snag this, very excited.

  • Amy!

    I love the vibe of your blog! The header…totally cute! Thanks so much for featuring us! We’re glad you found us-better late than never :) Congrats on snagging the last lace cardi!

    We like you, like you too :)
    Elisa at ModCloth

    • Amy

      ack! (the excited cathy comic kind)
      you guys are the coolest!
      i’m soo flattered/embarassed
      you visited / like it here.