like more than a friend.

David Strohl

I sometimes apply body lotion to my arms and legs in one of the vacant offices on my floor because I don’t feel like walking all the way outside to the ladies room in the hallway (where doing things like applying body lotion would make a hell of a lot more sense).  Really, the only reason I don’t do this all the time is out of fear of having to prove I’m not a total creeper after being caught taking a large bottle of lotion into a vacant office and locking the door.  But I guess I can, uhhh, cross that bridge when I come to it.  Anyway, today happened to be a lazy lotion day and while I mindlessly moisturized behind closed doors, I had the sudden urge to flip the lock and go for a morning jog around the cubicles in my bra and underwear.  But then I remembered today was non-rent payday and I should probably wait to act on the primals until next week.
Beware: ..When I am my own boss, naked office runs will be part of our benefits package.