like more than a friend.

  • m

    photo#2: there is a similar view in the upstairs lounge at cooper hotel…check it out

  • d

    yes. yes. and yes.
    ps – so many posts, and when i’m not even at work to enjoy them.
    keep up the good posting frequency!

  • thats so WEIRD i just decided yesterday that i wanted those lights for the new apartment and i had NO IDEA how to start to look for them or what they were called! magical!

    • Amy

      i saw your post asking about that and was totally going to reply, but somehow misplaced it in my interweb. i’m really obsessed with these bulbs / string lights. the 1.5″ diameter g-40 is by far my bulb of choice, but you can buy both (the g40 or the g50) and test them out on the cord since the spiral base is the same size (C9). anyway, i hope they’re what you’re looking for and add some more awesome to your DC digs!