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Colour Me Silly. Jon Burgerman

I spent the final days of my summer vacation at a crazy-lovely lake house in North Carolina with some of the craziest-loveliest people I’ve met in quite a while. In the weeks leading up to our arrival, the man of the lake house sent out these awesome pre-trip emails and I’m inclined to say that this one was my personal favorite:

The flights are booked. The van is rented. The boat is tuned and the giant snakes that live under the boathouse are fed. Less than 3 weeks until Lake Lure! This year I am asking everyone to bring one special item. This could be a playlist, mix CD, drink, food recipe, game, movie, one-man play, troupe of acrobatic monkeys (though they may not get along with the snakes)…anything you think that will add to the fun (extra points for creativity).
Since my insider @ tipped me off to at least one day of rainytimes, I decided to bring a a Ziplock bag full of paint brushes, a set of 16 Crayola Educational Watercolors, and Colour Me Silly by Jon Burgerman (pictured above).  I’m still waiting to hear back on my extra creativity points.