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Living the Dream. CDRyan

As I was walking back to my apartment from the gym this morning (feeling awesome, obvs), I wondered if just by living in the city you’re automatically a little smarter because you end up using at least 10% more of your brain power just to fucking cross the street.  I mean, I keep my iPod pumped up to 11 and look both ways for pedestrians, bikers, cars, pigeons, signaling taxis, non-signaling taxis, leashed dogs, non-leashed dogs, hidden poop traps, et al in a matter of seconds just so I can be sure some bullshit traffic signal isn’t telling me how to live my life.  I’m a grown ass woman, cross traffic green light.  Leave me alone!  I hate you!  DOOR SLAM.  Okay.  Wow.  That felt good.
I think [like a new yorker] therefore I am [a little smarter, quick to anger]?
Also, I’m broke.
Please send money.