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Lord the Air Smells Good Today, Joe Nigel Coleman

When I was younger, I used to be afraid of the dark.  I just knew there was something really troubled and terrible lingering in that thick unknown behind my back and my only option was to leap up my basement stairs fast enough to reach the light switch before whatever was back there reached me.  And though my track record for making it to the top unscathed was impeccable, my heart had little affection for history and would still flip and jump with the same ferocity every time.  Nowadays, my fear has subsided substantially and it’s just that I prefer the light / the day, but I’m stating to think this oh-so-soon (and oh-so-necessary) summer vacation might change my tune as I have a distinct feeling there could be something really great lingering in those dark, post-sunset hours.
At least, I hope so.