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Large Industrial Fan. Hindsvik
The city was in a FOWL mood this morning.  My best guess is that it was due to extreme exhaustion from this pre-summer heat wave.  Seriously, last night was so unbelievably hot and humid that the only way I managed to fall asleep was by placing a cold, damp paper towel on my forehead, dangling my arm in front of an open mini freezer, and carefully balancing a bag of frozen blueberries on my bare stomach and left thigh.  I mean, I know we all paid it forward last summer when a certain weather DJ fell asleep and played torrential downpour on repeat for 3 months, but this kind of heated apology is not only excessive, it’s insincere.
And since I don’t really feel like sleeping with my produce all summer, I’m probably going to spark a summer fro-mance with this dude asap.