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Ilustraciónes. rojo & garabato
Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about space.
Giving  more space.
Needing more space.
Installing more space.
Maybe it’s because I need to find a new roommate and though I still go weak from all the crazylove I have for my place, it’s teeny tiny and I keep having to defend its completely ridiculous floor plan over and over and over.  Be mine?  Or maybe it’s because it’s that time of year and I really like alliterations.  Spring has sprung . . . into space?  Whatevs.  At least all these crazythoughts (and a S.M.E.G refrigerator flickr search) led me to Rojo & Garabato. They’re two wild and spacey graphic designers based in Coruña, Spain who put out a super sweet monthly polyglot magazine about art, design, illustration, and photography.
Hello, Rojo. Domo arigato, Mr. Mrs. Garabato.
PS (embarrassing) I had to look up polyglot. It’s something (or someone) that uses many languages aptly and with a high level of fluency. {big sigh}

  • Hi Amy! Your blog is superb. Thanks for showing our work and for call us “wild and spacey”, really like this definition. To tell you the truth Garabato is a Mrs. and is Rojo who speaks Japanese. But is our fault, we are confusing the people accidentally on purpose.

    All the best,
    Rojo & Garabato

    • Amy

      double points!
      for both of you!!

      (look – i made you some semantic stairs)

      so much love,