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YSL & Chanel Lipstick. Emma Kisstina
While checking out my so called blahg this morning, I stumbled onto her 10 Cures for the Winter Blues post and quickly realized that I’ve been unknowingly practicing every single one except:
#3 Wear Bright Lipstick.
Since I know absolutely NOTHING about the Land of Lipstick (the LOL) and you’re probably thinking, Amy, I know SO MUCH about the LOL, I would like to offer you a trade.  I will give you one of these if you can give me an über-comprehensive, non-condescending guide to buying and wearing bright lipstick.

  • Ugh, I don’t know about lipstick either! Too scary. I figure I can get away using this for at least a couple more years:

  • darling, call me, and dont you worry bout a thing.

  • I totally like you like you Miss Amy. You are flippin’ hilarious…plus you featured my work. Brightens my day to find blog posts like this. Feel free to mention me as many times you want! xoxo

    • Amy


      this is nicest/awesomest email
      that has appeared in my inbox
      in sooomanymonths

      you do realize that you’ve just brightened my whole day too?

      oh man, oh man
      i flippin’ hope so.


      ps – what’s new with you? have you gotten to wear a bathing suit yet? do you know how to buy/wear lipstick?