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Spicy Chai Latte by Sprouted Kitchen

My sister is the reason I have fondness for chai tea lattes. When was 13 years old, I visited her in the fall of her freshman year of college.  One afternoon, while showing me how to get from her dorm to the theater (awesome sister alert!) so I could do some supervised set construction with her cute friend Kevin, we stopped at a Starbucks and she ordered one. I had no idea what a chai tea latte was at the time, but it sounded lovely and smelled even lovelier, so I asked her for a taste.  Obviously, it was mind blowingly delicious and these babies have been in my good drink graces ever since.  Point of this story = I love my sister.  A lot.  I hope she knows that.
PS – Every time I try to type chai tea latte, it comes out chair tea latte.