like more than a friend.

Weird Fish. San Francisco, CA

How was my trip? I wish I could sit here and say “it was fantastic” or “it was sooo good” or even simply “it was nice.” But I can’t. The only response that feels right right now is that my trip was weird.
Really, really weird.
I think it’s only fitting then that one of the best meals I had while I was away just so happened to be at Weird Fish in The Mission where for just a little while it didn’t feel so weird to be me.  Obviously, I understand if you want to ask why (and I will definitely explain if you do), but the details are messy and uncomfortable and stale so for now this will just have to do.

  • i love you, im thinking of you.

    • Amy

      i love you too. i got your call last night. i want to be on the other end soooooooon. no one makes it-is-what-it-ises like you do.

  • although i lived 3 blocks from this place, i never ate there during the 10 months i was there. although hearing it was such a big part of your trip i think i’ll eat there when i’m back in 2 weeks.

    if you don’t remember me look at my website, we might even be FBFFs.

    • Amy

      of course i remember you, eric! you’re a gem. a scholar. a friend of joanna’s. always awesome, all the time. right? as for weird fish, it’s a bit more local, vegan, organic, green, hipsterrific than i tend to lean due to a high probability of over/under-educated asshole-ishness. but for whatever reason i decided to give it a chance and ended up having a fantastic time. also, they serve fried pickles = dee-licious.