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My Hanukkah List. December, 2009
When I was a kid, my favorite holiday tradition was drafting an official Hanukkah List.  It was always inappropriately long and was mostly made up of all the CDs and gift cards I was just dying to have.  Really, Amy?  You want another copy of the original cast recording of RENT and a gift card to Claire’s?  Again?  But you only buy key chains and gel pens. Ooooh how I loved those gel pens.  Soo inky!  Soo pretty!  Soo . . . well, to be totally honest, useless since all they really did was leave messy, glittery, unintelligible streaks all over the place.
In any event, I can’t really remember the last time I sat down and actually celebrated Hanukkah so the fact that I’m hiking up to Harlem tonight with store bought latkes and applesauce to spend the first night of this long forgotten holiday with my cousin Natasha has caused me to wax all nostalgic and draft a more useful, grown-up, and ladylike Hanukkah List.
Happy Holidays, Internet!

  • pfeff

    oh hey amy. out of sheeeer curiosity, what would you say your ring size is?

    and….what is your address….