like more than a friend.

  • mjr

    ok carrie bradshaw, what is this entry about?

    • Amy

      Just because I have been watching the collector’s edition box set non-stop for the past month (in chron order, obvs) does not mean I now see myself an amalgamation of each character with just a touch more Charlotte/Miranda to even out the unfortunate reality of my Samanthalessness.

      Okay, maybe it does.

      As far as this post was concerned, it was just an open-ended question on the nature of dating. It always seems like either one or both parties are really just terrified from the very beginning. It’s like we’re all supposed to assume that since everyone in this city is fucking crazy saying yes to a first date or leaning in for a first kiss or saying what we’re really thinking or even just making one hour of room for a new person to be a momentary part of our lives is simply too risky, too dangerous, too scary. Yesterday, it occurred to me that my life could be significantly more enjoyable if every time I took my bullshit fears out of the equation when meeting someone new the other person did the same.

      Sounded like a pretty awesome deal to me.

  • mjr

    ugh, this reply made me wish i could date you